Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Rosie's Gone Farmgirl Hippie

Some of you know that as of late I have become a little bit of a hippie. Don't worry, I still shave my often as possible. I've done some really great reading and watched some very eye opening documentaries. I recommend reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver and then watching the documentary Food, Inc. (Its on Netflix) They go hand in hand, and at first are overwhelming, but if you take things in baby steps it will be easy. This is what I have learned:

1. We don't work hard at ANYTHING! I'm lazy. More so than any of you. I know this to be fact. We were made to search and scavage for our food, work hard and plan ahead, prepare. The simple fact is, we don't. We can walk to the pantry and pull out any boxed pasta mix that doesn't ever expire and serve it to our growing babes. Weird.

2. Old School Christian thinking: If its in a documentary then its not true...only propaganda made by hippies. Why is it that as Christians many people dig their heels in at any thought process that strays from what we were taught? How could the FDA allow us to eat anything that would make us sick, cause cancer or early onset puberty?? They just wouldn't. Right. (I'm getting really preachy now...sorry!) Anyways, I sat down the other day and read Proverbs 31. Nooooo! Gets me every time! The Wife of Noble mean I really need to get up before the sunrises?? This stuff isn't new. God meant for us to be planning, preparing and working for our food and feeding our children. I don't think he meant boxed pasta when he said she provides food for her children. Just a thought.

3. Its so overwhelming I don't know where to start! And have I already ruined my children? (Peyton has signs of Early Onset Puberty) I have all this information now, what the heck am I going to do?? Well do more research I guess. Look at what fruits and Veggies grow naturally in Oregon and in what season. Learn the art of canning...a lost art really. Plant what I can in my small backyard. Find farm fresh eggs...easy to do in Banks.
Well while I was knee deep in this hippie revolution. I got invited to a Farmgirl Sisterhood meeting. Reading the flier I was stoked! 1st off I noticed that I had to wear an apron to the meeting. 2nd I could earn badges like a girl scout for things like sewing, being good neighbors, farming, ect. 3rd by earning the badges I could learn things I wanted to learn anyways. Things I want my daughters to know. I have to sew a Bakeover Takeover and fill it with homebake goodies and take it to a new neighbor. (Bre Vandecamp style) I love it though! Look it up if you want, the website is and it has all the info. It was started by a woman named MaryJane and she believes all woman should wear an apron at all times. We should all turn off the TV, get off the computer (I'm trying!), put down our cell phones and go outside and get our hands dirty.

This is right up my alley right now! I'm about to move out to the forest, and build a farm out of the trees. I'm sort of kidding. Anyways, I hope you all know I am NOT preaching here! This is more of an inspirational pep talk to myself, trying to remind myself of what I have learned and what I need to do. Baby steps.

This is my Mom, Chloe and Me at our first meeting

Another website that I love right now is , I know many of you frequent this site already, but I have just discovered it. I have made so many of her recipes in the last 3 weeks and I'm pretty sure Aaron loves her too. Although we have both gained about 5 pounds since the discovery of her site!

I am going to attempting my first badge this week in sewing. If anyone wants to join me, let me know. It will be in Stitching and Crafting and we have to sew half an apron for the beginner level and go from there! I will let you know how it goes...I am also letting Chloe make on because she can earn badges too. Although she is a Young Cultivator not a Farmgirl like her Mama! Happy Wednesday to you all!!


February Jill said...

Lord help me, I was literally finishing making a box of the never-expire-pantry-pasta as I was reading this. But I love it anyway!!!
I love this kind of stuff, but it requires a lot of energy, have you noticed?
Would be fun to have a farmgirl hippie organic party this summer. You know Annie would be in!

Emily said...

Haha! No judgement here...I'm just beginning! I would love to have a farmgirl hippie organic party this summer! It would be fun to get together and can things. I'm not even sure what sort of things, but things. And make jam. We always talk about it but we should do it for real. LOL

Annie said...

I loved reading your blog Emily...way to go on your food choices. I have always hated processed foods such as boxed mac and cheese and hamburger helper but then I have no problem eating doughnuts or twinkies!! I need to work on that huh? I'm excited to see your first badge and we need to get together again soon! ~Hugs

Dara Wills said...

Let's do the canning together!! I totally have been wanting to learn.

Christa said...

Love the take on Proverbs 31! As you keep researching, I highly recommend Michael Pollan's book, The Omnivore's Dilemma. It's huge, but worth it. And if that's too much, his book Food Rules is a much easier read.
Keep preaching :)