Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mama of 4

When Aaron and I first started dating, we always said we wanted 4 children. That number drastically dropped after were were wed and actually had a baby. One was sounding fantastic to me at that point. But as I got things down, I started getting that ache for a newborn. So we had another. For a while 2 was amazing, but maybe too easy.

So hey, why not go for a third. I push these things out in like 3.2 seconds, no biggie. The Lord bestowed upon us a lovely little creature named Stella Rose Johns. Whom I love. And I'm sure many people wonder why. She is so full of personality, its hard to contain in that little body. Stella knows what she wants, and boy is she going to get it. At whatever cost. Not many people get to see the funny side of Stella. She is a complete ham and makes us all laugh constantly. I just know I am in trouble. That's all I can say.

Luckily for us when Aaron so rudely got me pregnant for the 4th time, the Lord had mercy upon me and delivered little Harlow Evie girl. Otherwise known as the non-baby. She never make a sound. Ever. She just sits next to her Mama and takes the world in, with her toothy smile. Harlow basically sat on my hip all dance team season and helped me coach. She is just a joy. Pure and simple.

Helping me raise these two babes are my older two babes. (And one amazing Husband) Chloe has always been motherly, and pretty much my right hand since her birth. She helps me, grabs things when she knows I will need them, feeds Harlow, ect. I love her and everyone knows this to be true.

What gets me every time though, is my rough and tumble boy loving his baby sisters. He walks in my house after school all loud and unruly, telling me about his day and that there are about 50 boys outside that are going to play football for a while, so could I feed him a big snack so he can get out there already. Then seeing Harlow he kneels down next to her ever so carefully, grabs her little hand and puts his face to her and so quietly say, "How's my baby? Do you love your Bubba? Your Bubba loves you.". Or him giving into the demands of Stella and giving piggy back rides for a half hour until his little scrawny body is on the edge of exhaustion. We went to eat lunch with him at school the other day, and these girls that like him (whatever!), sat across from us. As they watched him interact with Stella and Harlow, one leans over to the other and says, "He's so good with his Sisters", like this is a marriageable quality or something!

I could blog all night about the different dynamics between my kids, and the joy it brings me. I won't...this is already long. I just had to share some thoughts on these little kids that I love. I can't wait to see how each one of their relationships grow!