Friday, November 28, 2008

The After Thanksgiving Sales!

Ok kids, this is how its going to go down! For those of you that don't know how to get up at 4:15Am the day after Thanksgiving for a crazed morning of shopping, let me tell you how.....

The first step is what President Bush and I like to call Strategery. You have to find the Thanksgiving day paper stuffed full of all the delicious ads! They may make you add 23 or so more items to your Christmas shopping list, but all of them well worth the extra dough! You only have 6 hours at most stores. So you have to figure out what stores open first and then what do your really want more of?? 20% off all Wii accessories and Games at Freddie's or 50% off of Old Navy fleeces for all your nephews and neices. Since they both open at 5am! Good thing Target and Game Crazy open at 6am or we would really have some decisions to make!! Now lets get going!

An added bonus, our car was not frozen solid this morning! Perfectly mild weather for a morning of shopping!

Ok, Starbucks? Check!

One adorably cute smiling baby? Check!

One heavily bearded shopping partner? Check! Ok, that is just me, but you may take one too if you like.

We pick Freddies first of course because we need 1/2 off socks and 20% off Wii stuff! (We will hit Old Navy later and hope all the sizes we need are there!) Now for the craziness of masses of people trying to politely push their way through aisle and aisle of socks. You must be prepared forcuts and bruises from rouge shopping carts, or insane old ladies that just don't care if they hit anyone. When everyone has 2 packs of socks each we head for electronics and stand in a herd of people gathered around the Wii locked window. A helpful Fred Meyer worker is taking orders and handing them out. "I need a Wii Mario Karts Please!", I yell with my hand reach out to her. "Me too!", yell about 4 people around me. I keep my hand up with everyone else and much to my great luck, I get one!!!! I just won the freakin' lottery of Black Friday sales!!! Can you all feel my excitement?!?! I know you do.

Thats done, so we head to toys to get buy one, get one free board games and wrap up Freddie's with the new Guess Who for our kids and a free one for some lucky other kids somewhere....hey it was free! I will give it to someone I'm sure.

We now rush to Old Navy and quickly score all 7 sizes of 50% off fleeces that I needed. The line is pretty long, but only takes about 15 minutes. Its now 6:40am and we head to Game Crazy to get Wii Lego Indiana Jones for $15 off. This is a gift for Payton from Aaron's mom, but we told her we would get it for her if she would watch our kids after Thanksgiving. Its sort of a tradition with us!

Its closer to dawn and we decide to try Target. Note the word "try", we had to wait 10 minutes in line to get a shopping cart! Ok, that should have been a sign! All the good sale items were gone and the line wrapped completely 360 degrees around the store. Right. I like me some good deals, but not worth the line! So we packed up our gifts and headed home!

Are these few bags worth all the effort and craziness?? You bet! I live for it! I'm glad I'm married to a man that gets just as into it as I do! You have to be some kind of special to do this every year! I hope all your families had a great Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Autumn Leaves are Falling!!!

Well at least they were last week! I took the kids out to the forest and took some pictures of them with the leaves. It was an event to be remember. The scenery was beautiful, it was the subjects themselves that gave me difficulty!

Please enjoy the following photos....

Stella was yelling at me in this picture! I was holding her up with my hand, thats why its so close to her! I think she was yelling, "Mom! Please help me!".

I love this one! Stella was looking at me and smiled because, well I have the boobs.

Her are my babies! All cute and ma

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Daylight Savings Time

Do you remember the days in high school and early adulthood when DST was the most amazing thing in the world?! You could snuggle in your bed for a whole extra hour, all snug listening to the rain. What happened to those days?? Now I get woke up by two kids thinking its a respectible time to get up and its only "6:30". I will have to work the next 2 weeks to get them back on a schedule, and essentially lose all the amazing possiblities that the extra hour of sleep offers!