Thursday, April 24, 2008

Oh yeah, we have a blog.

Am I supposed to write one of these things like once a week or something? I have a Myspace, Facebook and now one of these. Its all so overwhelming! Anyone at any moment could look me up and know everything about me. Its scary and cool all at the same time. I'm down with it though, as long as I look cool.

Ok, so since April 1st nothing too major has happened. I went with a group of friends up to Camp Crestview (Yes I said Camp Crestview) for Evergreen's Women's Retreat. It was very emotional. I could blame it on pregnancy horomones, but I know it was the Lord doing amazing things in my life, as well as the lives of my friends. Check-in was at 4pm on Friday, but we couldn't start a girls weekend that late now could we!?! So we left more like 10am and headed into Portland. Emily Hughes had a hair appointment, so she had her little groupies watching her. After that was done we headed to NW 23rd, for some shopping. We decided to eat lunch at Papa Hyden's.

This is us outside of Papa Hyden's. Preggo Me, Mimi, D-ho and Alisa. She will have a nickname soon! (Dara) Probably something to do with a Disney Princess, since she talks like one.

This is D-Ho and Me in Papa Hyden's. Notice the very grown up Shirley Temple I am drinking. I am a very sophisticated women.

This is us on our hellish walk my friends made me go on! It was all down hill at first, then on the way back it was like a 14% uphill grade! I was pretty sure they were going to deliver my baby on that trail. The view was pretty though.

Now, if you will devert your attention to the subject on the left, you will notice Emily is slipping. Despite all the arm flailing, she still fell. Poor Mimi....what am I saying. It was hilarious. Too bad we can't get a close up on her face, its classic. Whats that....we can get a close up?! Fantastic!!

And there it is Ladies and Gentlemen! Classic!

All joking aside, I had a great time up there. It is a truly anointed place. I had fun getting to know my friends better and of course watching the token crazy church ladies in full effect. I made Mimi promise me that I will not be one of those ladies when I pass the age of 40.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

First Post

Our first blog! Hurray! We've done this once before, however we messed it up somehow. Leave it to us! A little about the Johns' family....

Aaron & Emily were high school sweethearts. We started dating when Emily was a sophomore and Aaron was a senior. We dated for 4 years before we got married. Since we dated so long, we wanted to have kids right away. We got pregnant 4 months after our wedding. 9 months later we were blessed with a busy baby boy, Payton Michael Johns! He is full of energy and very sharp. He doesn't let anything get past him! He just started playing T-ball last week. He loves his practices! His first game is going to be this Saturday. He is counting down the days.

When Payton was almost 2, we decided we wanted another baby. So we got preggers again with our little Chloe Ava Johns. She has always been quiet and shy....totally opposite of her brother. She is much more like Aaron. She has been enrolled in hip hop classes and she starts ballet tomorrow. We had to get her the smallest ballet slippers the store had, and they are still too big for her!

As most of you know, we are expecting our 3rd and probably last child. We are due on August 16th. Its a girl! We are very excited about having 2 girls. We hope they are really close. Chloe is so maternal, we think she is going to be a great sister. Payton is already very protective of Chloe, we know he is going to be a great big brother.