Friday, February 27, 2009

Micah Durham

Let me introduce you to my brother Micah Durham. As most of you know, I adore him and we are very close. We frustrate our parents a lot because we rarely listen to anyone else except for each other. If my parents need something conveyed to him, they tell me to tell him and visa versa. However, we usually sensor said advise and put a twist on it, or laugh and say, "This is what Mom and Dad said! Ha ha!".

2 years ago my brother joined the Air force and signed up for 6 years. Yup, 6 years....I know really!! What was he thinking?? Anyways, he did extremely well in boot camp and was at the top of class, earning a spot in a prestigious fire fighting school. He passed the course with a 99% and got a job on the Air force fire station in Wyoming where he was stationed.

He was deployed to Iraq last year. He was loaded onto a commercial airliner and flown into Kuwait....I know I didn't know thats how we get our men there, but it is! Anyways, he then was flown in a bomber to the desert base straight after that where he hadn't ate or slept in over 24 hours. They were bustled in to the mess hall, and he went to scan his lunch card under the red flashing light and had a seizure. They flew him to a hospital in Kuwait to do test on him and his brain waves were off, but they couldn't figure out what was wrong, so they flew him to an Air force base in Germany. The German's still couldn't find out what was wrong, so they sent him back to Wyoming. For the last 9 months we have been waiting to hear what the fate of my brother was going to be. He was either going to be discharged or remain in the Air force unable to ever drive an Air force vehicle.

Micah with Payton Sept 13th 2002

Micah with Chloe Feb 2nd 2005

Well, we received news today that Micah was given a Medical discharge with a payment to $20,000 lump sum, $300 a month for the rest of his life and Medical insurance for the rest of his life. On top of that the Air force will pay for any college that Micah chooses to go to. While this is very happy news for us, Micah and his family have a lot of healing and rebuilding to do. Please keep them in your prayers! He has two little boys that need their Daddy and need stability in their young lives. I just thank God for the answered prayer!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Stella's First Ponytail

I know, am I really blogging about my babies first ponytail?? Yes I am. It is a very momentous day for a Johns' girl! Stella beat her sister to a ponytail by almost 4 months. We are very proud of her and her hair growing ability. I must say that the invention of the Bumbo may have advanced her new milestone. Is that thing not amazing?? She sat perfectly still in it, so I could even tie a little bow in her hair! She looks very proud of herself and her new hair. She knows she is beautiful. It starts early doesn't it?? I can hardly believe that my baby girl is almost 6 months old! Yes next week she will officially be half a year old! How did this happen?? My sweet baby girl is almost a toddler. Ok, maybe a little exaggerated, but really how does time fly by so fast?

Just look at her! How could someone not want to kiss those cheeks! She is very attached to me, which I appreciate. My mom babysat her for me last week, so I could attend Payton's Valentines day party. I laid Stella down for a nap and left. When Stella woke up, she smiled at my Mom and then quickly looked around to find me. When she didn't see me, she began to scream and was inconsolable. My Mom tried bouncing her, rocking her, singing to her, ect. I opened the door as my Mom was instructing Chloe to get her shoes on so they could go get me. Stella was red faced, tear streaked and SCREAMING. I walked over to my Mom and took Stella. Stella proceeded to take a deep breath and was SILENT. My Mom just looked at me and her and said, "You need to get that baby on a bottle!". Stella, is a little dramatic I will give her that, but she loves her Mama!

Monday, February 9, 2009

A New Baby for the Johns' Family!

Ha ha to all you that rushed here to see if I am knocked up again, while thinking of who you will call the instant said news was verified! Our new baby is of the Canine variety. Oh yes, we got a puppy. A very lovable 8 week old Yellow Labrador Retriever. Her name is Bella, Bells for short....all you Twilight fans know what I mean. Aaron wants her to have puppies someday, so we may have to get a handsome companion for her and name him Edward so they can make beautiful babies together. Although, I was Team Jacob, so maybe not Edward. Anyways, that is a long time from now. And yes I know the name Bella rhymes with Stella. However after much discussion with my hubby, we decided we loved the name. Enough said.
Bella is so sweet! She absolutely loves Chloe, who has always been my animal lover. If Chloe goes into the bathroom, Bella sits outside the door and whines. Yes I am one of those people that drives through town with my dog on my lap. Only my dog isn't a lap dog...or at least she won't be for long. Hopefully you all will get to meet her soon!