Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Deja Vu

Last night we had to take Stella to the hospital, because she had gotten our sickness and was wheezing. We have been through this routine so many time with our other kids, but the last time we did was when Chloe was admitted for 4 days because of RSV and pneumonia. We did the whole round of temperature, blood oxygen levels, listening to her lungs and watching her rib cage as she breathed. This picture is Stell giving herself a nebulizer treatment...we deal with this stuff so much we actually have one at home. It comes in handy even when I am sick! Clears you right up. She was surprisingly happy during the whole thing.
That is until they said they wanted to X-ray her lungs. I knew instantly what that meant. The bicycle seat of tourture and I said we've been through this before. If you haven't had to do this to your children, this is what it is. They set you tiny baby on this tiny bicycle like seat and hold their arms up as they encase them in a hard plastic shell that is straped tightly around their head....yes like I said the bicycle seat of tourture and terror! I only had my cell phone and like any scrapbooking/blogging mom I snapped this picture from behind my radiation shield. Now you can't see much, but you can see Stella's mouth wide open. For all of you that say she is the quietest thing in the world, this was definitaly not one quiet moments in her life!
You can see her legs dangling and her arms are above her head. The poor Xray tech felt so aweful! I told him he did a great job, because when Payton was 3 months old they took his Xrays in this and let him out. Only to realize that they didn't get the Xray they needed, so he had to be strapped back into it!

After all was said and done, she does have broncitis and pre-pnemeonia. So she is on antibiotics for the next 10 days! I think she has had more issues at this point than Payton. May we all pray that she does not get a broken arm at age 2....seriously please pray for her!